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When you put them on, the Aegir Ocean may seem a bit stiff, heavy and imposing with five layers... but as soon as you’ve got them on, you really don’t notice. There are several reasons for this surprising comfort. For starters, these salopettes are easily adjustable at the shoulder straps, and waist and ankle hems. Secondly, the garment has elastics in the shoulder straps, which prevents them from having any tendency to “slip”, and the large reinforcement sections at the knees ensure total protection. The fabric in this area, as well as on the buttocks, is lined to resist abrasion. The Aegir Ocean is equipped with a large waterproof ventral zip that can be opened from the bottom - convenient, at least for men, in case of urgent need. The manufacturer has provided two large cargo pockets - the one on the left is perforated. During our trips out to sea, we appreciated the freedom of movement, the total waterproofness (all seams are sealed) and the good thermal regulation: a passing bit of sunshine doesn’t generate the feeling of being turned into a roast ... These salopettes may be at the expensive end of the market along with the Musto Gore-Tex HPX Pro Series but they keep their promises: intensive use is what they’re designed for!
Composition: 100% Polyamide HELLY TECH® Professional
Weight: 39 oz (1,100 g)
Adjustable shoulder straps
Adjustable waist
Cargo pocket
Adjustable hems at the ankles
PU taping on the hem
Articulated knees
Color: red or dark grey
Sizes: S - M - L - XL - XXL
Recommended price: € 800

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