WD-40 Specialist - 7 products, 7 uses!

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The Lock Lubricant is developed for the maintenance of all cylinders. It works on seized, blocked or dirty locks and protects the locking parts from rust. Indispensable for door locks or any padlocks on board.

Cutting Oil has been developed to facilitate the cutting, tapping or drilling of various metals by containing to the maximum the accumulation of heat during the work. Cutting Oil prolongs the life of your tools: drill bits, sawblades, etc.

Contact Cleaner has been developed to remove dust and flux from circuit boards. It is safe to use on sensitive electrical and electronic equipment. It removes moisture and salt from trailer plugs for example, wind instrument plugs, nav lights, etc.

Gel Lube been developed for long-lasting lubrication of moving parts. Its gel texture gives it a strong adhesion, making it great for winches, turnbuckles, throttle shafts, etc. It protects mechanisms from corrosion and humidity, even under extreme climates.

White Lithium Grease been developed for long term lubrication of moving metal parts. Thickened with lithium, this White Grease lubricates the trailer winches and jockey wheels, while resisting water and heat.

Silicone been developed for lubrication of just about anything: metals, plastics, rubber, vinyls and wood. It will protect and engine from salt, aids the assembly of coolant hoses, and prevents seizing of parts.

The Penetrant been developed to loosen, unblock, and unseize any equipment that’s stuck. It attacks seized fasteners, bolts, injectors, turnbuckles, screws and nuts that have become unremovable due to rust or salt.

All products in the WD-40 SPECIALIST 250 ml range are equipped with the Double Position Spray cap, for broad or precise applications.

Prices: from € 8.90 to € 9.90 

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