X-paddleboards - It’s tempting to go electric…

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Seeking to offer an electric alternative accessible to all (and also on all existing models), the manufacturer has designed a removable pack composed of a fin equipped with an electric motor, a waterproof lithium battery and fixing system, and of course a charger. Fitted in just 30 seconds, the paddleboards have 4 speeds (maximum speed of 4.5 knots) and 2½ hours of range. The battery can be fully recharged in 6 hours on a standard outlet. Remember that all X-paddleboards are delivered with inflator, cover, paddle, leash and even repair kit.

X-Shark standard price: € 499 inc. VAT
X-Trem standard price: € 479 inc. VAT

Electric pack price: € 599 inc. VAT

Standard E-Shark price: € 990 inc. VAT
Standard E-Xtrem price: € 949 inc. VAT 

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