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Published on 21 june 2017 at 0h00

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Broadblue Rapier 400

Convertible or sports coupé, the choice is yours!

Just 5 tonnes on the scales! Enough to boost performance...

An English builder offering a catamaran designed for life in the open air is rare enough for us to be interested... In fact Broadblue Catamarans has of course thought about leisure sailors who don’t necessarily cruise in warm, turquoise waters, with a ‘long coachroof’ version of its model. But it is really the Open version, with the aft end of the coachroof completely in canvas which interests us: a very attractive concept aboard a compact boat, which becomes particularly convivial with its completely open cockpit/bridgedeck. Another original feature is the raised steering position in the middle of the cockpit. From it there is excellent visibility (over the coachroof when standing, through the nacelle portlights when seated) and easy access to all the control lines. Seen from the front, the Rapier 400’s bridgedeck appears relatively low. We expected a few impacts in the waves...but not at all, thanks to a lightweight, carefully executed sandwich construction under vacuum, with a foam core, associated with good weight centering. Below the waterline, monolithic polyester has been adopted to make possible repairs easier. Safety has also been taken seriously, with separate stub keels (no leaks in case of running aground) and watertight bulkheads. A nice surprise from a performance point of view then, with a boat which is faster than most of its competitors of the same size: 10 knots are easily ...

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