Energy aboard part 2: Alternative energy

Published on 21 september 2017 at 0h00

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In the first part of this dossier (see Multihulls World 155) we saw that the energy needs of a boat equipped with all modern comforts were amply satisfied by means consuming fossil material. Not very ecological or modern, you will agree. Environmental as well as noise pollution has for a long time now driven us sailors to employ technologies using materials which are infinitely available, free of charge: the water, the wind and the sun. The cost of these devices meant that for a long time they were reserved for the elite or eco-purists, ready to accept a domestic sobriety as austere as it is random, but today they are produced on a general industrial scale. These pieces of equipment have been made more accessible to the greatest number of people, especially as once the initial investment has been made, there is no further expense, apart from that dedicated to maintenance. 

L’installation est primordiale pour obtenir un bon rendement. Les connexions, le diamètre du câblage, le régulateur MPPT sont autant de paramètres à peaufiner.

Although this energy is free, in no case can it be made use of in all situations, as it fluctuates according to the meteorology, and also depends on how and where you cruise. It is therefore essential to select carefully the most effective means of meeting a targeted program. Or, to cover all situations (the most frequent case) and reduce to a strict minimum the CO2 emissions, to combine the three modes of production, using them in turn or simultaneously. This hybrid production allows one means to be substituted for another in the case of a breakdown, and above all allows you to adapt to the ...

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