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How to find the right boat to cruise the world?

Published on 21 june 2017 at 0h00

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You also need to ask yourself the right questions, to be able to find the solutions which suit you – as everyone has different imperatives, programs and situations.

So, how do you manage VAT problems, by remaining in or leaving Europe, one of the most beautiful cruising areas available, and the departure point or compulsory stop on a long-term voyage in a boat? And what about the multihulls coming out of charter fleets, and available on the second-hand market? What about charter-management? Good idea? Or not? And finally, which boat to choose? New?  Second-hand?


But don’t forget the most important thing: setting off on a boat is a dream, but an accessible dream. For over 30 years, Multihulls World has followed hundreds and hundreds of families who have left to experience the best moments of their lives, afloat. An unforgettable way of sharing, thousands of memories and adventures which are unique and wonderful every time.


So, who’s next?


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