Published on 01 october 2014 at 0h00

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Asia is a rather special destination. The light, the atmosphere, the welcome by the locals are all really different from what you will experience elsewhere. So, don’t hesitate, especially as you can sail there all the year round in excellent conditions. Thailand offers two destinations, with the Gulf of Thailand (see Multihulls World 126) and the famous Phuket, PhangNga Bay and the Phi Phi islands...
Day 1: PhangNga Bay
Day 2: Koh Hong
Day 3: Koh Roi
Day 4: Krabi
Day 5: Koh Phi Phi
Day 6: Koh Rang Yai
Day 7: Return to Phuket

Find your itineraries - catamaran charter Thailand

Why go there?
To discover much more than a sailing destination.

Find your itineraries - catamaran charter Thailand

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