Spending the winter in the sun: The flagship destinations to discover

Published on 21 september 2017 at 0h00

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In general, when we charter a multihull, it’s to head for the sun. The Mediterranean in summer, the Caribbean, Asia, the Pacific for the rest of the year. How do you choose your destination? You must begin by defining your holiday dates: Christmas, February, Easter? In general, you should avoid the periods of frequent rain. An example – Christmas in the West Indies would be perfect, but it’s best to avoid this same period in Polynesia…

The second essential point consists of evaluating (as honestly as possible) your nautical skills. Because between sailing in the Virgin Islands and leaving from Martinique for the Grenadines, or envisaging real navigation between the atolls of Polynesia, there is a real difference… A few sailing basics and some good nautical common sense will suffice in the Grenadines, the BVIs, the Bahamas or the Seychelles, or again, if you remain inside the Polynesian atolls. On the other hand, you must have good nautical experience (or a skipper) to ‘get off the beaten track’.

Finally, you don’t sail in the same way as a family crew as when you are with a dozen of your pals who love sailing hard. In the first case, you must favor short legs, the possibility of stopping regularly at a beach, and finding areas where the snorkeling is easy and accessible. In the second case, nothing is better than a nice night sail, sporty passages and anchorages where you can party!

The ‘classic’ destinations, or how not to make a mistake

If over the past forty ...

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