The basics of a successful charter : And what if this year, you went on a catamaran vacation?

Published on 01 october 2015 at 0h00

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Is it really possible to set off aboard a boat? really is possible to set off aboard a boat on the other side of the world, even if you are not a professional skipper... Because although good nautical skills are required to charter and sail a 15-metre catamaran safely in certain hard-to-get-to areas, this same catamaran can also be chartered in areas suitable for novice or near novice sailors with no difficulty at all. It is often for this reason that the charter companies have set up in these sailing paradises. And above all, all the charter companies offer an absolutely magic service: skippered charter. An extraordinary way of at the same time discovering sailing (if you don’t know anything), and, above all, enjoying an area. The skippers are almost always locals who will enjoy showing you the gems of their island, their secret anchorages and their best schemes. In short, setting off with a skipper is often the best way of getting to the essentials and having a successful holiday. And for those who are afraid that this ‘guest’ will intrude into their privacy, you should know that his role is well-defined, but that very often the skipper becomes a friend of the family... This is in any case the experience of many of our readers (and members of the editorial team...). And there are even cases of readers who will not envisage setting off without their regular skipper for anything in the world, whatever the destination, even though their nautical skills are ...

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