Sailing around the World? - It’s a Family Affair...

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One day, your parents realize their dream: they accomplish the project of a lifetime and finally leave on their sailing boat. While still a child, you don’t necessarily realize it yourself -you follow, you are educated into this new life, which starts to become normal. But this is not the case! This bohemian life is a privilege, made possible by a deep and indestructible will. As you grow up, you realize how lucky you are - at least I do. Some will eventually turn away from the sea, and the chain breaks. The love for the marine world ends there.

On the other hand, for some people it’s a life-long love affair. And that passion for sailing can be passed on to the next generation. I visualize my youth around the world and remember all those incredible memories. I have had the chance to experience a unique adventure.

I open my eyes, I see my parents on their catamaran, but I am not on ...

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