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6 Gone : Polynesia

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In Moorea, like all good tourists, we obviously enjoyed watching the spectacle of the rays, or playing chicken with the sharks (after having checked that they were the black-tip variety)! I got a great fright one time when snorkelling with what I assumed were black-tips and then discovering that they weren’t! At Tikehau, we lived out our Robinson Crusoe dream by building a great big fire on the beach where we cooked potatoes in the ashes, marshmallows, and the fish that had been freshly caught in the lagoon by the captain of Infinity. I could only watch and admire, as my harpoon was a little short for this sort of hunting. What more could anyone ask for? Happy to be alone in the world! After arriving at the flat island of Rangiroa, a bike ride around the accessible area of the island was in order. We then went to eat at Obelix’s, which is a colourful food truck. That’s not all that we did, but the time flies much too quickly and we have a rendez-vous in Fakarava, where we will pick up the vice-captain’s little sister and her family. Fakarava is a long island, and flat like Rangiroa, so it was another chance to rent some bikes and go exploring. The reward for this is the lunch stop. We stopped at a restaurant at the water’s edge and took over one of the huts. We tried to be as discreet as possible, despite the attractions of a coconut palm lined beach and other wonderful distractions for our tribe. We explained to the children that despite their excitement, they needed to keep their voices down… Then we set off again through the southern channel. This part of the lagoon is practically uninhabited, except by sharks ! The diving was spectacular, especially around the entrances to the channels. Swimming among hundreds of sharks is an unforgetable experience. While the parents were diving, the kids played, jumping off the boat, fishing, body boarding…and just enjoying themselves.

Who : Frédéric, Anne, Greatwine, Numerobis, GoldenGirl, Triple A.

Boat : 6gone, Lagoon 440

Where:  French Polynesia

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