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Appaloosa : Stopover in Fiji

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"Bula, or Hello in Fijian, a word which seems to accompany every smile here, along with a laugh which resonates at each encounter. Contact here is easy, and with it an impression of simplicity which makes one believe that happiness is within touching distance. The simple music which accompanies life here is the mellow harmony between Nature and the inhabitants
Fiji has around 330 islands, of which one third are inhabited as well as 540 islets and atolls. As you can imagine, we haven't been able to visit that many of them. We dropped anchor in a small bay on Malolo Island, also known as Musket Cove, where we joined up with "Moana", a boat that we knew. That evening, we got together with some other boats for a meal and to have a chat. It was an idyllic spot: a bar with a great big grill and a wooden table. It was situated on a tiny, pretty peninsula. Malolo Island is a great place for sailors, where you can make the most of the hotel commodities. In short, a few home comforts.
We then moved north to the Island of Monoriki, where the film Cast Away was filmed. We then headed for the area around Nadi, and the Garden Of Sleeping Giants, where there is a very relaxing and magnificent park of orchids. It's hard to imagine how nature has managed to produce so many different varieties of orchids.
Don't miss the next episode of The Adventures of the Appaloosas at our next stopover: New Zealand!"
Yann, Valérie and the children Lucas, Rozenn and Katell onboard Appaloosa

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