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"Indonesia is the biggest archipelago in the world, yet we only came across two other sail boats. Upon our arrival in the Kai islands, we were honored with a benediction (there's no other word for it) with coconut water. However, this was just one example of the warm and demonstrative hospitality which was typical of the Maluku islands. Local officials, civilians, parents, children, all brought out their cameras, phones and iPads to record us. Arriving at the Raja Ampat islands (try and find them, as we had to 4 months ago!) we had to change the number one of our hit parade of the most beautiful places to stopover. It was no surprise that Geo magazine had recently described it as one of the last ten surviving earthly paradises. The next leg took us to Pulau Wangi Wangi (Pulau means "island" in Indonesian) at the start of the Wakatobi National Marine Reserve, in the south east of the Celebes Sea. We had two missions here: firstly to find a barber to get the ...

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