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Little Olivia is now 5 months and we have really pushed ourself and her pretty hard ever since her arrival. Since may she has been flying planes all around the world, sailed over 4000 miles, spent 2 weeks in a shipyard, sailed trough 2 storms, visited 8 countries and met a lot of new friends. So we are not a shamed over the fact that we now are doing as little as possible before our next trip kicks of. We are at this very moment on anchor outside the touristy but oh so beautiful island Malolo Laila! Little Olivia is spending her drawling days playing around with her parents och pulling poor Veras ears! Since our departure in Tahiti we have covered around 3000 miles, visited 5 countries, cooked more than 160 meals, caught ALOT of fish, swim with whales, free-dived with sharks and much much more. Fiji has been very good to us and it is with mixed feelings we have to leave this nation of islands behind us.
After spending almost 2 moths in this pacific paradise It is now time to set sail and travel 1200 miles south to a cold Opua in northern New Zealand.

Who : Anna & Daniel
Boat : Bay Dreamer, Lagoon 380
Where : Fiji Islands, South Pacific Ocean.
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