Pacific Ocean

Bay Dreamer: welcome to the Pacific Ocean!

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“Davide and I are looking after the boat and our guests at the same time, and if the latter are to be believed, we are doing a very good job! We began this voyage with a 20 kilo yellowfin tuna. This is probably the best fish I have ever caught throughout my years of cruising. Fortunately there were eight of us aboard when it happened. Eight people can eat a lot, especially when we had an Italian cook aboard, who had an incredible talent for cooking tuna...
During this voyage we have had some really crappy winds, no wind at all to be honest. But to compensate, we have had a lot of sunshine and incredibly clear water to have fun in. Our crews/guests have been brilliant, and have kept smiling all the time! We have taken some of our adventurers into a cave we had already explored several months ago. In it we saw two big nurse sharks, and also a reef shark swimming around us.
Take care, and enjoy life, every day!”

Daniel, Anna and Vera

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