Pacific Ocean

Belitung - It could be the Seychelles...

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Alittle gem in the Java Sea... To find it, head west-northwest for 300 nautical miles from the Karimunjawa archipelago - and another 150 more from Bawean. Belitung, pronounced “Billiton” in English, differs from the landscapes usually seen around Java. The huge polished rocks rise up out of the water, slicing through the surface, reflecting their majestic grandeur, even though they seem a little lost between the sky and the sea. It is not surprising that the Seychelles come up when describing Belitung: there are the rocks which are so special, and the water is much clearer than I would have imagined. However, there isn’t much marine fauna. This is not really a surprise given the hundreds of fishing boats that we had to avoid before arriving here. It must be hard for a fish to enjoy a quiet life around here! But every paradise has its black spot or its downside. Here it is the thunderstorms. The island’s topography and high temperatures encourage the formation of imposing cloud masses. Expect lightning as dazzling as it is disturbing and a festival of thunder!

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