Pacific Ocean

Cat’Leva: in the Marquesas!

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We made landfall in the Baie des Vierges, on Fatu Hiva! The moon allowed us to glimpse a landscape with jagged pitons, which we had dreamt about many times when reading the nautical magazines. In the morning we were really dazzled, the reality is much better than the ‘postcard’ photos. The village of Hanavavae nestles in an enclosed valley, protected by numerous rocky peaks; the nature here is luxuriant, the shades of green of the countless kinds of trees fought for our attention with the high relief, protected by a simple covering of grass. Nature here is generous, coconuts, of course, mangos, breadfruit, papayas, lemons, enormous juicy grapefruit, goats and wild pigs. And the Marquesans are like this nature: Jean-Pierre and Lea welcomed us simply and took us to visit their island, with much kindness.  I had been dreaming of this for twenty years. Every morning, the manta rays offered us an unreal dance, in the evening the sunsets were breath-taking, and during the day, walks and gathering fruit. We left for Hiva Oa. At Atuona, civilization caught up with us: cars, lots ...

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