Catafjord: A nice sail

Published on 01 april 2016 at 0h00

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“Well, sometimes, we move as well. It’s a question of setting sail for the next corner of paradise, preferably located downwind. Our fantastic two-hulled craft are often equipped with fractional rigs. This implies a fairly large mainsail with a more modest foresail. This setup presents a number of advantages when close to the wind, but not so effective with the wind behind. We left the exquisite charms of Marie-Galante, bound for Antigua’s English Harbour. As soon as we set a course for Pointe des Chateaux off the eastern end of Guadeloupe, our marvelous “Pleejonk” sail came into play. This is the second model which has been developed, this one without a furler, as opposed to the “Speejonk” which is handled on a Facnor furler. Useable up to 110°, it can carry the wind from a little aft of the beam, right up to dead downwind. Once it’s set, Catafjord immediately picks up to over 9 knots. For about the last ten years we have been sailing in the tropics, so we are accustomed to ...

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