Coccinelle : Fakarava or nothing !

Published on 01 december 2016 at 0h00

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Who: Apolline, Camille, Armelle & Gilles
Where : Fakarava, Tuamotu, Southern Pacific
Blog :

There’s no doubt that for divers, it’s the place to go. Amazing dives, against the current, allow you to swim against the famous wall of sharks. Here, hundreds of inoffensive sharks, mainly Grey or Blacktip Reef, come to cavort around you. For non-divers there is still the chance to go discovering: head up to the exit of the channel, attach the end of the dinghy to your belt and let yourself be carried towards the lagoon. The visibility in the water is so good that you can see the sharks 20 metres below you. It’s also where the children from some boats decided to spend a few days on a tiny islet (imagine a small sandbank with a few coconut trees), and to live like Robinson Crusoe. They created the Wild Friends Club, sleeping there at night (with an adult to keep an eye on the small ones). What a fantastic adventure! It’s a kind of freedom that all the money in the ...

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