Cruising on a Neel 45 Racing

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Beautiful is good, but too beautiful... that's really the fault with our trimaran!

Every time we enter a new, somewhat crowded anchorage, shouts gush forth, thumbs stick up, congratulations rain down, dinghies spin around us like hungry seagulls, and dozens of questions are asked about our top speed or our averages, behavior in light airs and heavy weather, safety, comfort at sea and at anchor etc.

Modest ambassadors of French savoir-navigation abroad, there seems to be no escape. We are forced to provide modest and factual answers to calm things down a bit, but again, these exchanges arouse admiring whistles, calls of "amazing" and loud applause... all of which prevent us from cruising incognito, and we are somewhat overloaded with boat visitors and at aperitif time.

So is this a disadvantage? Not really, since we love all these meetings...

Ah, we left you behind. Two catamarans, Canadian and American, which we just overtook at sea a couple hours ago, in turn enter the bay where we’re anchored in the Exumas. The applause has already started, and again we have to go and do the beautiful routine. It's really tough!!!

Who: Pascal and Marie

Where: Exumas, Bahamas

Boat: Neel 45 Kezeo

Facebook: Le voyage de Kezeo

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