Free Lance; In Polynesia

Published on 01 june 2015 at 0h00

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"The Ecuadorian village of Bahia de Caraquez is still sleeping. 3550 miles separate us from the Marquesas: there's a bit of sailing to do before our next stopover! By the end of the day we are sixty miles from the coast, and we still haven't seen any fishing boats, big or small. The captain had chosen the departure date based upon the tide, the fact that the fishermen don't go out on a Sunday, and the moon. To the south of the Galapagos a young red-footed booby bird landed on a stanchion. He balances there all night, and leaves in the morning. He comes back to see me at the end of the day, circles around looking for a landing spot, and this time chooses the pulpit. He keeps an eye on everything: the horizon, the sails, the flying fish. Nothing escapes his watchful eye. He set off again at ...

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