Pacific Ocean

Kallima in British Columbia

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On board Kallima the days go by, but each one is different. After our friends arrived, we headed for Eucott lagoon and its natural warm springs. It’s like a large sink, set in the rocks, where we dipped our toes. The next day we were back but we bathed properly this time. It was a unique experience to be in the warm water with the snowcapped mountains behind us and our boat gently bobbing in the crystal clear waters of our mooring. We also had some surprise guests : bears, all around us. During our warm showers, Jean-Pierre even stood sentry with his anti-bear spray. As soon as we saw a bear on the bank, we jumped into the dinghy. The bay was also full of seals and eagles. An incredible stopover ! En route we stopped at Ocean Falls, an unbelievable place, which is just how we like them. It’s a partially abandoned town. The saw mill, the pulping factory and the paper mill, which employed several thousand people closed in the 70s. There is still a dam and hydroelectric power plant as well as around 50 inhabitants. Bitcoin decided to locate their huge servers there thanks to the cheap electricity. It’s difficult to imagine two more different cultures. This stopover was a great success as far as supplies were concerned. We hauled up plenty of crabs (4 in one pot) and a great harvest of salmonberries. On our way back to Shearwater Marina, we came across two racing trimarans that were under sail. They were participants in the Race to Alaska. This is a mad race over 600 miles, from Vancouver Island to Ketchikan in the south of Alaska. It is only for rowboats or sailboats, with no engines

Who :  Brigitte & Serge, Aliette, Mauricette, Jean-Pierre

Where : British Columbia, Canada.

Boat : Catana 47

Blog :

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