Pacific Ocean

Kallima in the Marquesas: or the trials and tribulations of dealing with an often complicated Internet.

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I would like to tell you about what has become our quest for connectivity, something which is at once adventurous, sporting, dirty and totally unpredictable. It all starts with a good look at the sky, to make sure that the operation can indeed be carried out in between two squalls. Then you need to get into the dinghy, which is a fine art. You need to drop in between the waves and settle in without falling over, in your land-bound craft. Once on land the trek through the pools and puddles begins. We are heading for the “Semaphore”, the Holy Grail for all sailors who need an internet connection and where they can avail themselves of other services. But once we had climbed up to the top we discovered that due to a lack of sun and wind, neither the wind turbines nor the solar panels were functioning. Lacking a source of energy, the Semaphore is unable to provide the eagerly awaited Grail! And even if the batteries are full, then so is the Semaphore, and the feeble bandwidth has to be shared between five or more people. Patience is therefore most definitely a virtue! 

Of course I can hear you saying that there are more important things than the internet in life! But when we want ...

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