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It's good being beautiful, but too beautiful… That's the problem we have with our Neel 45 Racing! We've been sailing on Kezeo for two years in the US, the Caribbean and Central America. Each time that we enter a new mooring, even if it's quiet, all heads turn, and like starving seagulls, our neighbours come around to ask us about our top or average speed, how she performs in calm or heavy weather, how safe she is and how comfortable she is at sea or when moored etc. This makes it difficult for us to sail incognito, and means that we are often faced with visits on board and drinks. Of course, apart from this minor inconvenience, our trimaran does have a certain number of qualities, most notably the concept's originality, its comfort and the shipyards management of those essential elements such as the rigidity of the structure and the weight. Everyday we witness her ease in the water, which makes sailing much easier and encourages us to spend more time at sea: in our first season we covered 7000 miles. The average speeds are always eye-opening, which gives us a certain flexibility when it comes to choosing destinations and making decisions regarding the weather on long trips. The reduced draught (very appreciable particularly in The Bahamas and Belize) means that we can appreciate some wild mooring sites. The trimaran is easy to sail, whether alone or as a couple. We are lucky enough to have a boat which under sail can offer an incomparable experience. It is full of vivacity and gives wonderful sensations whatever the weather. The icing on the cake is that we can overtake everyone out at sea so we can arrive first… and get the drinks ready!   

Who : Marie and Pascal

Where : USA – Bahamas – BVI – Cuba – Mexique - Belize - Guatemala

Boat : Neel 45 Racing

Facebook : Le voyage de Kezeo

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