Pacific Ocean

Kouunji: between Huahine and Raiatea: and God created woman…

Published on 01 april 2016 at 0h00

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“Hua, in Polynesian, means sex. And Hine means woman. So Huahine, the paradise island, carries a highly erotic name: the sex of a woman. Is the captain a little bit distracted? Not at all, but there does seem to be some truth in the story that the island, seen from a distance, does strongly resemble a vahiné stretched out on her back: a face can clearly be seen, a large chest, and a reclining body, all show the full meaning of the island’s name. Amazing. A quick downwind sail on a big swell took us from Moorea to Huahine. A mooring freed up just as we arrived, showing Kouunji’s luck. Especially with such scenery. When, at dawn, a Polynesian woman ...

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