Pacific Ocean

Kouunji: between Huahine and Raiatea: and God created woman…

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“Hua, in Polynesian, means sex. And Hine means woman. So Huahine, the paradise island, carries a highly erotic name: the sex of a woman. Is the captain a little bit distracted? Not at all, but there does seem to be some truth in the story that the island, seen from a distance, does strongly resemble a vahiné stretched out on her back: a face can clearly be seen, a large chest, and a reclining body, all show the full meaning of the island’s name. Amazing. A quick downwind sail on a big swell took us from Moorea to Huahine. A mooring freed up just as we arrived, showing Kouunji’s luck. Especially with such scenery. When, at dawn, a Polynesian woman comes along to offer you live langoustines, you get the feeling it’s going to be a good day. And when you head up the channel, and one sumptuous view after another opens up to port, you know your intuition wasn’t wrong. When you eventually arrive at the idyllic anchorage, with all your best friends in Polynesia, with the lagoon even more breathtaking than you dared imagine in your dreams, it is all confirmed. In short, an exceptional day, which wound up with a bunch of boat buddies on board Kouunji for memorable sundowners. If only you could have shared these moments with us, dear reader.”
Franck, on board Kouunji.

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