Lady’t Bee: Cuba or Bust…

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Using one's hands to improve your boat, patching up what the years have done to it, and turning it into the marvel that we had always imagined, is a healthy occupation and one that gives a lot of satisfaction. However, this is not necessarily an end in itself. Our "lady", apart from serving her role as our house, is also in charge of the travelling side of things too. A function in which she really excels. A year and a half after her purchase, and after two and a half thousand hours of various types of work, (the detail of which you can find in a book entitled "La belle et le bouchon gras"), the moment came to enjoy her. This took the form of a voyage to Cuba in March 2018, setting out from Guadeloupe. One thousand three hundred miles to the west, which should be a breeze, followed by the slightly bitter cherry on the other half of the cake: one thousand three hundred miles heading back straight into the Trade Winds. And this year, they have decided to blow strongly, often around 20 knots, despite it being the end of the season. Although it wasn't the most comfortable of trips, it did turn out to be a rich experience and taught us many things which we will be able to use very soon when we make some improvements. Having just finished this journey, which was the equivalent of a Canaries/West Indies transat, I'd just like to take the opportunity which this post card gives me, to say that Cuba is still an amazing destination. With its mixture of satisfaction and difficulties, it's just what you need to a little spice to our kind of travelling off the beaten track…

Who: Malou & Dominique.

Where: Cuba

Boat: A transformed Leopard 474 PC


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