Mais Uma - A 6-year circumnavigation on an Outremer 45

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Who: Anita and Knut
Where: around the world
Multihull: Outremer 45 (new generation)

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At first, we were probably more interested in a monohull centerboarder, but then a German dealer introduced us to the Outremer 5X. This catamaran was too big for us and wasn’t in our budget, but we really liked it. So we came here, to La Grande-Motte, and the International Multihull Show. And that’s where it all began. We signed for Outremer 45 hull #10 in December 2014. We were looking for performance, not just a liveaboard platform. The catamaran was delivered in October 2015. The only modifications we asked for were extended sugarscoops (these have since been offered as a production option) and a greater surface area of solar panels. We named our catamaran Mais Una, which means “one more” in Portuguese – and we could be talking about the hull too! We spent two years aboard, getting our bearings, before leaving from La Grande-Motte on October 2, 2017.

Anita is officially the Captain: she speaks more languages, and is more diplomatic... And ultimately, a female skipper is better received, the couple remarked. A few crew joined them for the initial passages (to the Canaries and Cape Verde), but they soon found they preferred to sail alone. “In the end, it's easier to manage everything when there are two people on board for long crossings. We set all the alarms, sleep in the saloon with the door open, and set an alarm every hour. We met a lot of crews who were content to stop in the West Indies or, further afield, French Polynesia or New Caledonia, but we on kept going! Our best-of? The passage from Curaçao to Colombia, under spinnaker and flat seas, is our best sailing memory. Top speed? 25 knots in the surf! We also recorded a 270-mile day. Our favorite anchorage was Maupiti, in French Polynesia: the place is awesome, the locals are adorable and there's kitesurfing and fishing galore. In terms of stopovers, we loved Colombia, Fiji and Vanuatu. Our two favorite marinas were Auckland and Cape Town. To conclude, we'd like to emphasize the kindness of all the people we met - everywhere, the locals welcomed us and helped us. We've regained our faith in humanity! What are our plans? A trip in an RV, some humanitarian work in Brazil... and then we'll be going back on a catamaran, that's for sure!

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