Pacific Ocean

Maui: a week in paradise…

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The devil takes mediocre holidays! Going to sea, surrounded by my little family, changing the color of our moods, wandering like a cloud on a turquoise ocean, from island to atoll, the heart full of hopes, wonders and encounters: what could be more exhilarating? The miraculous dream has become reality: the ocean stretches out its arms to us. Our skipper oversees the maneuver and our catamaran sets off from the port of Tahiti, heading for the infinite ocean and Tetiaroa. The shores grow distant. Under a warm light, our vessel slides over the waves. From time to time we catch sight of a few sharks, or some rays. When certain of them approach us, we dive to join them, and, amazed, to admire the lemon sharks which have come to say hello as good neighbors! Then a shoal of rays meanders around us. One of them, a giant, brushes against us, and we are worried about that extraordinary sucker which seems to be coming to snap you up, which finally just brushes against you with delicate caresses. A little later, exhausted and happy, we climb back aboard, where the tropical sun welcomes us. We get over our emotions, we share our impressions with the boat friend who has joined us for an aperitif, before the enchantment of a twilight under a huge sky. We play hide and seek with the mosquitoes during the cool nights; on the first days we pay the tribute of the land lubber to life at sea. The living area is limited, but the remarkable comfort aboard allows us to ignore this. We quickly go on deck. We cover ourselves with sunscreen, under the already brightly shining sun. Exiled at the end of the world aboard this wonderful sailboat, lulled by the ...

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