Maui: a year in the Marquesas

Published on 20 march 2017 at 0h00

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After a year of the CNED (French home-schooling program), we have decided to enroll the children for school at Atuona, on the island of Hiva Oa, in the Marquesas. We think we’re going to spend the year here, as Maui is in need of a scrub-off, at the ‘MMS, Maintenance, Marquises Service’ boatyard, run by Vincent, and opened a few months ago. The boat will be sheltered during our trip to France, planned for December 2016, and Alice will be able to sit the national ‘brevet’ diploma more serenely. School went back a few weeks before we arrived, but the children quickly caught up. We get up early; at 06h40, Alice, Gauthier and Maxence await the truck which takes them to school.

The boys have already made lots of friends, who meet up on the quay to fish and paddle their outrigger canoes in the afternoon if there is no school. They have rediscovered the life of children ashore. Alice has also made some friends, both boys and girls, at the secondary school. The pupils in their class were told about their arrival, and gave them a great ...

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