Maui: The ‘Baie des Vierges’ makes us wait…

Published on 21 september 2017 at 0h00

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Scrubbing off finished, we put the boat back in the water so we could quickly take advantage of the few days of the February holidays that remained! After almost 4 months ashore, Maui was pleased to be back in the sea. We had taken on provisions so we could leave for Fatu Hiva, a day’s sail to reach this mythical place: the Baie des Vierges, where the village of Hanavave nestles. Suddenly the fishing rod started whistling, we landed a nice female dorado or mahi, then a moment later, it was the male’s turn to attack our lure. The fight was a bit harder. We stowed the rods, as we would have enough fish for the weekend. Fillet, steak, sashimi, a delight! Soon, Fatu Hiva was outlined in the distance. 630 inhabitants live here between the two villages of Hanavave and Omo’a, linked by the only road crossing. Provisions are brought by boat, as there is no airfield, the island is too hilly. Fatu Hiva is very impressive, with its peaks rising to over 1000 meters. People say it looks like a cathedral, especially the Baie des Vierges. The island ...

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