Expedition Nagalaqa - Sébastien Roubinet is heading back to the Arctic on a Catamaran!

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The sailor had become an explorer-adventurer and he set off again in 2011 with a new objective: crossing the Arctic Ocean aboard a new prototype ice catamaran/ice boat; it's lighter and a little shorter than Babouche, and is named Babouch'ty. Sébastien and his strange catamaran returned to the polar ice in 2013 and 2018, but due to technical problems, he was unable to complete the planned course.
At 48 years old, Sébastien is about to take up a new challenge in the heart of an extreme environment, accompanied by two crew members. Eric André is a school teacher who accompanied him during the Northwest Passage trip and the 2018 expedition, and Jimmy Hery, who has been living in the Arctic for the past ten years.

The Nagalaqa Expedition will take the three adventurers from Sachs Harbour on Banks Island to Spitsbergen, passing north of any lands (whether Canadian or Greenlandic). The three men will therefore be taking on one of the world's most remote regions. On board their catamaran, they expect to face some extreme conditions during the three months of their journey. The crew will travel autonomously, without assistance and without an engine, in a zone where nobody has ever sailed before.
The expedition, supported by the Odysseus Foundation, will bring back essential data for scientists on the state of these little explored regions and will aim to raise awareness among the younger generation about the protection of our planet.

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