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Milo One: they lived happily…

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Kaoha nui! Life isn’t always easy, especially aboard a boat. But as we still get on well after 12 years cruising aboard Milo One, and that according to what certain people say, every year must be multiplied by five…it was self-evident that saying ‘yes’ to each other was just a formality, all that was lacking was an idyllic place to tempt us. So, what could be more authentic than in the Marquesas, on the 'Terre des Hommes' in Nuku Hiva. The elders welcomed us on the Koueva ‘marae’, a sacred site, emanating strength and wild simplicity, to celebrate our union. Surrounded by luxuriant nature, majestic giant banyans, and few Marquesan and cruising friends, we said ‘yes’. We arrived on horseback, and were welcomed by a troop of dancers, Marquesan songs and the sound of the pahus (drums). The ceremony then took place in front of an altar in the countryside, decorated with branches and exotic flowers, and ended with some astounding war dances. Bamboo instead of a silver service, and tablecloths made from banana leaves, crowns of flowers for everyone – what could be more natural? Even the bride’s dress was ...

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