Pacific Ocean

Moana in Fiji

Published on 01 june 2015 at 0h00

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"We stayed in Suva for a week. Suva is very local, virtually no tourists, it is a bit dirty but we had not been in a bigger town for a long time. Great restaurants, movie theatres, shopping and the biggest food market we had ever seen. And all at very reasonable prices, much lower than elsewhere in the Pacific. People on Fiji are generally extremely friendly. Everyone greets you with a Bula! and you very often get stopped and the locals just want to have a chat. They want to know where you are from, what you are doing here and if you like Fiji. Very relaxed and very pleasant.
Then we sailed west along the south coast of Vitu Levu. In 3 hours we spotted 15 whales, some quite close! Then we sailed to the Yasawa group. The villages are very poor, generally there is no water, no electricity and most people live in traditional ‘Bures’, small houses made of wood, branches and hay. The islanders generally live in isolation since the main island is too far away for them. Most islands are 30-50 miles from the coast. Once you get ashore ...

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