Pacific Ocean

Moana in New Caledonia

Published on 01 october 2015 at 0h00

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"We had heard rumors about a paradise uninhabited atoll to the West of Ouvea with the strange name of Beautemps Beaupre (BB), only 25 miles away. The rumour also said that it was a difficult place to anchor, get protection and the charts were very rough and not of much help. We decided to give it a try and left one early morning from Ouvea. A couple of friends from Ouvéa, Fabian and Marie, who were keen divers loved the idea, left their job for a few days and came with us. When we arrived in BB, conditions were good, the water crystal clear and we proceeded carefully to get inside the lagoon. This was clearly one of these places where you have to ignore the charts, put on your polarized sunglasses and adapt to what you see. We anchored ...

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