Moana in Palmerston Island

Published on 01 february 2015 at 0h00

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"This is a very particular island which was uninhabited until the Englishman John Marsters decided to move there in the beginning of the 19th century. He ended up living there with three Polynesian wives. The total number of descendants from Mr Marster are close to 20.000 today! Sixty of them live on Palmerston and that is the entire population. Palmerston is a very isolated place, a supply boat comes every 2-3 months and that is the only contact with the outside world. Palmerston love visiting yachts. There is a huge lagoon but there is no pass so boats have to moor outside the reef. There is a strong tradition to welcome. Each family has their VHF and try to be the first to answer if someone calls. The first one gets to be the host! We had brought a package for Bill and his family from relatives on Aitutaki and had been strictly instructed to call by phone, not VHF, to make sure they got to host us! Due to weather, we could only stay two days in Palmerston but they were very memorable. Bill and his family came and picked us up on the boat, ...

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