Pacific Ocean

Moby : in Suwarrow

Published on 01 december 2016 at 0h00

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Who : Loïc, Bénédicte, Victor, Arthur, Anna.
Where : Suwarrow, The Cook Islands, Pacific Ocean
Bateau : Outremer 51
Blog :

It was a real privilege for us to be on the island where a man fled the civilised world to come and live alone, happy, simply meditating and being close to Nature. Suwarrow has a particular status: it is uninhabited and has become a natural reserve within the Cook Islands National Park. Because of this, two rangers live on the island for six months of the year and welcome (and keep an eye on) the passing boats which come to explore this preserved little piece of paradise. Harry and his son Pi who were in charge this year from May to October, didn’t have a very different life from the castaway: they are dropped off at the start of the season by a small cargo ship with their food supply, and then picked up… 6 months later. In between they will have welcomed between 50 and 100 passing boats. Their job is to look after all immigration and quarantine issues. They are very ...

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