Moea: a TS 42 in Maine

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The most northerly point of our summer cruise on the east coast of America was the Acadia National Park, close to the Canadian border. We left Norfolk in Virginia to avoid the hurricane season, and after covering just over 1000 miles in a northerly direction, we reached Maine, a region we consider to be rather mythical. We weren’t disappointed with the detour, apart from by the weather: the temperature is cool and even in the middle of August, it varies between 13 and 22° C, with fog and rain. But fortunately when the fog disappeared, we discovered some superb scenery, with rocks of all shapes and fir trees (as well as Red and Yellow Cedar, the woods which served to build Dick Newick and Walter Greene’s trimarans) as far as the eye can see. The anchorages are wild and numerous, the small towns are charming and the people friendly. This is also the realm of the lobster, and our first encounters with these small creatures came down to the thousands of pots marked with brightly colored buoys, often forcing us to slalom between them, sometimes closely. Later we got our own back on the pots, and ate lots of different lobster dishes!

Who: Catherine & Willy

Where: Maine, East coast of the United States

Boat: TS 42

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