Nomadeus : In Love With Polynesia

Published on 01 december 2014 at 0h00

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"The number 4... We've now been here in Polynesia for 4 days, no, make that 4 weeks. Sorry, it's 4 months. We arrived on the 4th of June 2014 and we're still here. It's difficult to get my head around it. When I think back to the West Indies and how we would listen wide-eyed to sailors explaining how they had spent between one and ten years in Polynesia, I am now starting to understand why. Here, the notion of time is completely different, as is the way of life. We began by going from south to north in the Marquesas Islands, starting with Fatu Hiva, the first stopover for us in this dreamlike region. A fantastic anchorage. Our first meeting with the smiling folk. Our first encounter with almost unimaginable natural surroundings.
Further north we discovered the natural and cultural riches ...

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