Ovéa : how to combat sea-sickness!

Published on 01 october 2014 at 0h00

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Sailing the world in a catamaran is no fun when you suffer from sea-sickness. Before our departure, the Captain, who had already had a boat, knew that it didn't affect him, but I wasn't sure as I knew that I was already susceptible to travel sickness. So we chartered a catamaran, before buying one so that we could try it out. All went well apart from a little sickness in the first two days. In May 2013, our own boat put to sea. Catastrophe! From the first trip, severe sea sickness had me flat out all day. I didn't vomit, but I had vertigo and nausea. It was too late to go back, and we didn't want to anyway. The days rolled by and became weeks and months, and the only way that I could feel alright, was to lie down which wasn't exactly ideal for anyone. In every country that we stopped at, I tried the local pills. Some certainly worked, but made me sleep all day. I decided to organize myself better. On the days before we set off, I would cook for the next two days, so as to avoid cooking out at sea, except when we sailed for more than 2 days. When the weather allowed, I stayed ...

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