Pacific Ocean

Planet Océan: The magic of the Galapagos

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“Approaching the Galapagos we even had a bit of favorable current! Arriving late August, we were the only sailboat at each anchorage. We had opted for a long stay (2 to 3 months), which doesn’t cost any more, and we were able to make the most of our visits to San Cristobal, Santa Cruz and Isabella. A sailboat is a great way to visit these islands, but the National Park rules restrict us to a few anchorages on the main islands. Taking a cruise on a motor “Crusero” allows one to visit more islands and notably to dives on sites further afield, that are known for schools of hammerhead sharks and giant manta rays. We loved touring all the islands: the National park is well organized and trails are easy to follow, allowing you to see nature from the land as well as from the sea. Some are accessible by bike, and the kids enjoyed their freedom on two wheels in this magnificent setting. Meeting the animals was magnificent: most of the species will approach you without fear, and you can observe marine iguanas, birds, giant tortoises or sea lions up close. The giant tortoises are different from one island to another, and it was these differences which set Darwin on the road to his theory of evolution. This out of season visit also provided us with some nice human encounters, and we were generously welcomed by new friends onto farms abundant with fruit. Thanks to them, we have set off with delicious oranges, passion fruit, bananas, guavas, lemons and a few vegetables… which should last for a few months!”
Stéphanie, Olivier and the kids Noé & Camille on board Planet Océan

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