Profité: Everything’s great (well almost)!

After a year, Cindy, the mum, gives her assessment.

Who: Geoffrey, Cindy, Mya, Tylio, Aliyah and Cassy

Where: Gibraltar

Boat: Saint Francis 44



Our children grew up this year. They became our equals, autonomous and gaining in self-confidence. We took it a lot easier on the schooling, as we think that the journey itself is offering them enough different experiences through playing, fishing, swimming, reading and cooking. Mya has read dozens of books. She is interested in everything. Our son is more interested in skipping school, but still seems to have found his feet on this trip. He enjoys sailing, spending time with his dad and especially just being in the water: diving, surfing and snorkeling. Tylio is our fishing specialist. He knows all the species of fish that he can catch. As for Aliyah, she would normally have started first grade this year. She has learnt to swim and to read, just as naturally as when she learnt how to walk five years earlier. The star is the little timid member of the clan. A discreet, naturally pretty little girl with a sweet nature. As far as finances are concerned, on average we have spent €600 per month to live on, and €300 on the boat. That makes €900 per month while sailing. We prepared the boat well before setting off, and so far, haven’t had any unpleasant surprises. However, behind the postcards there have to be some negative sides. A long-haul journey for a mother with children has its challenges. Being together 24/7 means no time for oneself, and the restricted space means that the place is constantly a mess. Nobody clears away their stuff and I spend my days cleaning and washing behind everyone and to be honest it’s spoiling the trip!

In the end it wasn’t too difficult for us to leave our comfort zone, and despite all the inevitable difficulties, our daily lives are full of fun, and we are a family with an open outlook on life, united and free! You do need to find time for yourself and for your couple (mandatory!), tidy as you go (for them!) and clear out the things which aren’t necessary on the boat. Meanwhile, we make the most of each day as though it were the last. Life is so wonderful, and every instant deserves to be savored.

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Location :
ROSAS, Spain
Year :
275 000,00 Inc. tax€