Indian ocean

Shuti : in Coco’s Keeling.

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We sailed to Coco’s Keeling, four days sailing West. Most people have never heart of these islands, but among the South Indian cruisers, this is a crossroads that no one is missing, no matter where you come from and where the wind takes you to. The islands was settled at the beginning of the 19th century, at first by an English captain named Ross who annexed the islands to the British Empire, but right after, another Englishman (Hier) arrived to the islands along with forty Malian women. Ross did not like that idea, he returned to the island, expelled Hier and crowned himself as king of the Cocos. Two hundred years later, there is no sign of licentious. In Coco’s Islands, there are two atolls. Only the southern is inhabited and three islands enclosing it colourful and shallow lagoon. On one island, Home Island, the Malay village in question is located; on the second, the West Island (surprisingly) you will find the west - the white people with the airport, the hospital, the school and the hotels. Most important, there is also a very nice car mechanic, who fixed our refrigerator (but the closest tomato is 3000 km from here). The third and most beautiful island (Direction Island) is the yachts neighbourhood. The one who arranged the place did a great job: choosing the colours of the anchorage, the clear water, the soft white sand and the thicket, and wild tangle of coconut trees that sends their tops to shade the beach. We have not anchored yet and a school of friendly black and white tip sharks have come to find out what’s for lunch. We gave them all the flying fish that landed on the deck during the night and since then we become good friends.

Who: Momi & Lilach, Yoav, Eyal, and Dror.
Where: Coco’s Keeling, Indien Ocean
Boat: Lagoon 380 S2

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