Pacific Ocean

T’Chap : from a monohull to a catamaran

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"We haven't been that communicative during our Polynesian trip, but this year we hadn't planned for too much adventure. Our number one objective has been to sell our monohull, Rubis, which has been such a great servant for the last four years, and to purchase a catamaran which is better adapted to longer stays in the lagoons. It wasn't easy to find a buyer as the market here is fairly small. Still, we did find one. We were lucky as far as the catamaran was concerned, as some friends who we had met in the Marquesas the previous year were planning to sell theirs before returning to France. So here we are, with our friends Claude and Eric, proud owners of a Kennex 445. Not a young boat, but well built in 1992 (vacuum-glued airex sandwich with carbon reinforcements for those in the know...) and well-appointed (there's even a washing machine on board! Much to Francine's delight*) In short, it's a bigger boat where we can more easily welcome visitors onboard, and which especially allows us to live outside the whole time, doesn't rock when anchored and with a draught of only 1m20, is practical and pleasant for mooring in the sheltered, turquoise waters.
Francine and Hervé onboard T'Chap

Note from the ladies on the team here at Multihulls World: That's a bit of a cliché, isn't it Herve?

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