Pacific Ocean

Taboo: a Tiki 30 at Moorea

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Everything began four years ago, when I bought Taboo, a Wharram-designed Tiki 30 built in England in 1998. Its first owner had crossed the North Atlantic with it, to the United States. There it was sold, before a new aficionado chose it, and sailed to where surfing was born, and where some of the most beautiful waves in the world are to be found: Polynesia. I bought Taboo two years ago. It was suffering from a serious lack of maintenance, so I set about restoring it. Moorea, a few miles from Tahiti (moreover it is called ‘the sister island’), is like a summary of Polynesia: the island is surrounded by a coral barrier, just like in the Tuamotus, which provides a perfectly protected lagoon.  But it is also a high island, like Tahiti or the Marquesas, dominated by Mont Rotui. The playground is unique, whether inside or outside the passes, most days you will meet a manta or blue spotted ray, a pod of dolphins, or even when it’s the season, between June and October, one of the numerous hump-backed whales which then pass through Polynesia. Certain bold people even succeed in swimming in their company, without approaching too close or disturbing them. And if they decide to, then the whales will come and frolic with you. Excitement guaranteed!


Who: Arnaud
Boat: Wharram Tiki 30
Where: Moorea, French Polynesia, Pacific Ocean.

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