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Taboo: a Tiki 30 in Moorea

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Everything began four years ago, with the purchase of Taboo, a Wharram Tiki 30 built in 1998 in England. Its first owner took it to the United States, but for personal reasons he couldn’t continue the voyage, so decided to sell it. Its second owner, a surf enthusiast, brought it to Polynesia, to visit the most beautiful surf spots. I bought Taboo in 2004. It was in very average condition then, and I got down to getting it back into shape. I’m a professional skipper, and have been working for quite a few years in the charter companies, between Polynesia and New Caledonia. I live on Moorea, around ten miles from Tahiti, and I take tourists from all over the world to this island, for a half or a full day trip by sea, as well as for ‘Sunset’ cruises, for a romantic end to the day. We sail through the passes, try to observe rays, sharks and dolphins, and stop to swim between two motus. Luxury, calm and voluptuous pleasure. Taboo is particularly suitable for this, as its looks are reminiscent of the Polynesian pirogues...

Who: Arnaud
Boat: Wharram Tiki 30
Where: Moorea, French Polynesia, Pacific Ocean.
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