Marquesas Islands

The Marquesas Islands: "The Wow Effect" on board the Suricat.

Published on 01 february 2015 at 0h00

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In my pre-sailing days, which now seem very distant, I worked in the tourism industry and in particular for super luxury 5 star plus hotels: the very top of the hotel sector in Polynesia. The two, very direct english words which summed up what we were trying to achieve when we were modifying or renovating these palaces were the "Wow Effect!", which the wealthy tourist taking their first steps on the hotel's marble floors needed to experience.
What have the Marquesas got to do with this? It's simple. Neither Starwood or Hilton or any other group could invent this place. Here is what that "Wow Effect" is all about. This group of islands more than a thousand nautical miles from any inhabited region, and every bay, landscape, waterfall, swim or encounter inspires the "Wow Effect."

Having made a long crossing, such as the Pacific, it was only natural for us to be somewhat emotional upon our arrival, but for us the icing on the cake was that what we found wasn't just any island or place. It was THE place. A Land of Men as they say, a wild land, a generous land, the Promised Land...
Of all the places that we had visited since the start of our journey, this was the most complete: the one where we found everything that we had been looking for. Mind you, we have to admit that the moorings weren't the best: in fact they were usually pretty uncomfortable, and reaching dry land often meant taking one's life in one's hands. I suppose there has to be a good reason to leave ...

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