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The Mitsios Islands

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A corner of paradise which gave us a change of scenery after our visit to Nosy Be and the four months spent in Madagascar.

Hump-back whales accompanied us during the short 30-mile passage linking the Mitsios to Nosy Be, whilst we also met a few splendid luggers. It was like being in another era…

Weather check:

In Madagascar, there is just one rule along the west coast: the Varatra and the Talio. These two winds, regular as clockwork, push you along slowly on the gentle Madagascan sea.

The locals know them perfectly, and have complete confidence in them when they set off to go fishing aboard their little pirogues. The Varatra is a north or north-easterly wind which blows in the morning. The Talio arrives at around 1.15 pm, and completely reverses the trend by blowing from the south.

The sea and the climate are visibly favorable for cruising all the year round, however between February and March, there can be some violent squalls. You must therefore remain attentive.

To see – to do:

On Akarea, we found some wonderful sun-colored basalt cliffs. Huge cubes with smooth walls rise towards the sky, all leaning in the same direction.

The islands are also well-known for diving. We can’t confirm this as we didn’t go in for it, but according to the feedback from certain boat friends, the underwater life is particularly rich. And who knows, perhaps you will find treasure there… Here we are on the spice route…

And what can we say about the beaches and the lush flora which will ...

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