Pacific Ocean

The strange ways of Mopelia…

Published on 01 april 2015 at 0h00

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Early morning August 18th, as soon as the sun was coming up over the horizon, and while everyone else aboard was still asleep, I discretely dropped the dinghy into the water, fired up the 15hp Yamaha motor, and went to check out the state of the pass at Maupiti (see report in Multihulls World #140). The conditions seemed good, with the wind blowing East by North at 15 knots. The current was outgoing, but moderate. The boat had been ready to leave since the previous evening. I got back on board, closed all the hatches, checked that no lines were trailing overboard, got out the lifejackets and made myself a black coffee. If I’d had a Cuban cigar left, I would have lit it this morning, just before going through the pass at Maupiti. It’s about feeling alive again. We made it out into the ocean with no problems, hoisted sail, and set a course for Mopelia, a hundred-odd miles to the west. We didn’t overdo it, as we would have to wait until first light the following morning to enter the lagoon. I spent the night in the salon, to make sure that we were making a particularly slow approach to the atoll of Mopelia. Slow, but safe. Little sleep for me that night. It would be no use ending up on the reef on the windward coast… By dawn Jangada was just on the leeward side of the atoll, two miles from the pass. I put the kettle on to boil, and went to wake up Marin, who had become my second in command for on-board maneuvers. He would be celebrating his 13th birthday in Mopelia in ...

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