Pacific Ocean

Ti’Amaraa: A place to be happy and to discover

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Who: Bernard & Sandra

Where: French Polynesia

Boat: Lagoon 39



For the last few weeks we have been travelling through a riot of colors and smiles and have been discovering interesting things and people. Polynesia is a little jewel that we will never tire of. Initially from a purely human point of view, as the months and stopovers pass by, we build family-type bonds with the people that we meet ashore. One great advantage of our nomadic existence, is that “au revoir” often really does mean “we’ll meet again”. We take the same enjoyment in coming back to “our spot” in this or that bay, and always hope that the time that we had previously spent there will not have been forgotten and that we can still hope to call the locals friends. The anchorages are many and varied, and the islands are spread out. But somehow, a certain serendipity allows us to cross paths with other friends’ boats from time to time. Just for an evening, a few days or however long. That lack of time pressure is a great luxury. Our favorite cocktail? A huge dose of tales to tell, with a zest of all the problems that we’ve overcome on our boats, topped with plenty of laughter and no added sugar! As for the panoramas, Ti'Amaraa takes us from one shade of blue to another. And when our eyes can’t take anymore, the islands offer up a whole spectrum of greens overflowing with chlorophyll and beauty. These landscapes that offer themselves up for exploration are studded with the jade green color of the coconut palms, and when the wind blows through them there is the echo of a paradise that has been the playground of generations of vagabond boats. In the light of a tropical sunrise, a burning horizon at sunset, under a clear, starry night sky or ...

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