Ti’Amaraa: Christmas in Cartagena

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Being in this mythical port with our Ti’Amaraa left us speechless, with no words to describe it to you. We had read a lot before we set off, dreamed of this route, this city just a stone’s throw from the Pacific. We were there. Passing through the doors to Cartagena with our boat was an intense moment, but in the evening, when the horizon stood out, lit up by stars as beautiful as they were artificial, we remained open-mouthed.  Just like two children in front of their first Christmas tree, we watched the twinkling lights all around our floating home, in wonder.  Almost every house, every flat was decorated, lit up. Everything was colors and festivities. We had wanted to see Cartagena ready for Christmas. We weren’t disappointed. Cartagena seen from the sea is really beautiful; with the magic of Christmas it was just unforgettable. This stopover has also allowed us to discover another facet of this city. As our fridges were empty, we set off for the market. Not the one in the tourist guides, the one for the ‘locals’. A few minutes from the rich residential sector where we were anchored, we found ourselves in a surprising neighborhood. From one road to the next, we passed from an American style shopping mall to a very working-class area and its market. We felt as if we were in the ‘souk’ in Rabat. We wandered the narrow streets, crowded with stalls. In this labyrinth of aromas, the spell worked for us (and our ...

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